We create the platform for you to create future.

Astoria is a software complex to start, promote and manage the ICO.

With our services You can create a site with the user's personal cabinet in a few simple steps. The whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, and the functionality of the original product will not concede more expensive solutions.

Using the tools of Astoria to build their team ICO, save money, human resources and time that you can use to refine your ideas.

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What is Astoria?

Everything you need for ICO management in one place.

Using our tools and services you will be able to create a unique, beautiful and dynamic website for the holding of the ICO and easily manipulate its contents later without programming skills. You will have the ability to track and analyze user activity on your site and interact with them.

Astoria will do the most of the work for you, in turn, you pay more time for the final product.


Digital token APC (Astoria Platform Coin) — is the virtual currency that is used for transactions within the Astoria platform.


As a crypto currency (token), which serves for transactions within the platform, Astoria Platform Coin (APC) is used. Astoria Platform Coins are created on the basis of ETH ERC-20. With APC, you can:

  • Buy templates in Astoria.Market
  • Receive revenue from the sales of their products on the Astoria.Market
  • Pay for Astoria.Hosting services
  • Exchange for other liquid cryptos



September 14, 2018 (12:00, UTC+8)

Tokens supply

40,000,000 APC (40%)


October 14, 2018 (12:00, UTC+8)

Token price

1 APC = 0.0003 ETH

Accepted currencies


Minimum amount

500 APC

ICO ends in
Tokens sold:
25% 50% 75%
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Token distibution

Use of proceeds


March 2017

There was an idea

July 2017

System requirements analysis

February 2018

Team building

April-June 2018

ICO campaign process starting

July 2018

Pre-Sale start

August 2018

Pre-ICO start


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Astoria TeamTeam

Our team consists of professional developers with extensive experience in working on huge and complex projects.

James Archer
CEO, Co-Founder

James Archer

CEO, Co-Founder

As the CEO of Astoria Ltd., James Archer is responsible for running all facets of the business. James has a proven executive management track record and over 7 years of experience driving sales growth in the IT industry. Prior to creating Astoria Ltd., James was Executive Vice President of Sales for Singapore company «SoftHill», responsible for all global sales and marketing activities.

Christian Brooks

Christian Brooks


Christian Brooks is the co-founder of Astoria Ltd. from Berlin, Germany. Prior to Astoria Christian Brooks was CEO of PPC Group, an internet service for business-to-business integration. Before joining PPC, Christian was a senior vice president at WebJoin Software Ltd. where he managed Network Programming. Christian holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Adam Lawrence
Dev team leader - Bitcoin Trend App

Adam Lawrence

Dev team leader

Adam Lawrence is a software engineer with extensive experience and management skills. For the last 5 years, Adam has been studying and implementing blockchain technology in various areas of activity. With an excellent knowledge of Java, Adam developed 3 working projects. He takes part in writing code, not just in management. Adam is fond of sports, and is a propagandist of a healthy lifestyle.

Emma Malewski
Marketing team leader

Emma Malewski

Marketing team leader

Emma is a great marketer. She was a chief of marketing in Warsaw (Poland) insurance company «TrustUS». Emma was awarded to Digital Marketing Specialist (Masters in Marketing), Certified Facebook/AdWords Professional. She also trains marketers via Strategy Workshops & Training Sessions.

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Frequently asked questionsFAQ

Astoria is a complex of interconnected software for creating, editing, and supporting ICO campaign.

Using the Astoria You will have more time to develop the product, because you won't spend it on the service website. In addition, the Astoria is very convenient, because everything is right at your fingertips!

You don't need to pay for use of the software and services of Astoria, but we charge 1% of the amount of all funds raised by ICO campaigns created on our platform. In addition, we take 1% of issued tokens that distribute tokens between the owners of the APC. As a result, you don't have to pay anything until the beginning of the ICO.

Yes, you have such opportunity. But before You start, make sure that the store Astoria. Market has all the necessary plugins. Yet, we suggest you to use Astoria.CMS only for its intended purpose.

Yes of course. But note before adding Your template or other digital goods in the shop, we check for compliance with the requirements and the absence of malicious code. Therefore, You may be denied in placement positions in Astoria. Market.

The authenticity of all transaction is confirmed by the entire network, as they are recorded in the blockchain. It's impossible to change or remove at all any transactions.

Selling of Astoria Platform Coin (APC) tokens will occur in three stages: Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO and ICO. For the whole duration of the sales there will be sold 65 000 000 APC (65% of the total amount of all existing APC). To buy you need to register on the website in Your personal account click on «Buy APC» and follow the instructions.

You will have this possibility only after the release of APC on crypto currency exchanges. Also, if all the APC will be sold before the end of the timing of sales – the additional APC will not be sold!

Limitation on transactions only with the help of APC is made for security purposes and to ensure the currency growth in value.

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